EL Wire Tips & Info

Express Yourself

1/15/2014 by Matthew

 Express Yourself with a variety of EL Flat panels that come in letters, numbers, and symbols!

1. Select your Letters / Numbers / Characters

2. Select an inverter to power all your Letters / Numbers / Characters

3. Select your splitters so you can connect all your Letters / Numbers / Characters....... Splitters have one MALE connector that plugs into our inverters with either a 2 - 3 - 4 or 5 output FEMALE connectors where you can connect EXPRESS YOURSELF characters. IMPORTANT If for EXAMPLE you need to light up 15 EXPRESS YOURSELF characters you need to order One (1) 3-Output Splitter and Three (3) 5-Output Splitters. You will connect the 3-Output Splitter to your inverter and then you will connect each 5-Output Splitter to the 3-Output Splitter.