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Dual Phantom LED's

1/17/2014 by Matthew

12VDC - Dual Phantom LED Strips

It's AWESOME. . . It's FUN. . . It's WAY COOL. . . It can be used INDOORS or OUTDOORS and It's a MUST have!!

This is just another GREAT product that can be used on many different applications. This product has an adhesive back for easy mounting.


DIY Applications

Tie Into Your 12VDC Brake Lights

Art and Creative Projects

Special Event Lighting

Places To Draw Attention

On Costumes

Bars and Night Clubs

On Your Bike....


Runs on 12VDC

Weight Approx. 0.8 Ounces

LED's Are Waterproof

Approximate Dimensions 5" x .5" x .250"