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Our 90-Day Industry Leading Product Guarantee

We offer a 90 DAY GUARANTEE on all products sold. If your product becomes defective under normal operating conditions within 90 Days of your purchase, we will send you a replacement once we receive the defective product back or repair the defective product at no cost to you. Signs of abuse, modifications, brightness output or color ARE NOT covered by our guarantee.

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3" Waterproof LED Color Changing Orbs
Item #: DM-122231-A

Black Panther LED Strips
Item #: BLK-PANT-6L

Item #: BLK-STL-Flow-1

Constant LED "Power Dots"
Item #: LED-PD-C
Priced as low as $0.82/Each

LED "Power Tip" Gloves - White
Item #: LED-PT-GLV-W
Priced as low as $5.95/Each

Item #: GLD-HR-TCW

SLAP IT Light Band
Item #: SLP-6L-TCW

SNAP-n-GLOW Perfect Fit LED Running Belt
Item #: RUNLED424

Spinning Valve Glow Light (2 Count)
Item #: LED-WHEEL-2
$1.98/2 Pack

Submersible RGB LED Accent Light w/ Remote
Item #: 3P-LWPD-34

Waterproof Flexible LED Lighting
Item #: FLX-LED-300