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Game Changer..... Now anyone can connect El Wire to a Connector in a SNAP with the EZ SNAP Connector. NO More soldering required..... NO more shrink tubing..... NO more electricity to power solder iron and heat gun required......

Just strip the end of the El Wire..... Place El Wire in the EZ SNAP Connector and SNAP it closed and you are done.....

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1 EZ SNAP Connector NO NEED FOR a Solder Connection and NO NEED for a 5-Pack
Item #: EZSC-1PC

EZ SNAP Connector - 10-PACK
Item #: EZSC - 10P

EZ SNAP Connector - 25-PACK
Item #: EZSC - 25P
$70.50/25 Pack

EZ SNAP Connector - 5-PACK
Item #: EZSC-5P
$15.00/5 Pack

EZ SNAP Connector - 50-PACK
Item #: EZSC - 50P
$140.00/50 Pack

EZ SNAP Connector - BULK 250 Pieces
Item #: EZSC - 250BLK
$530.00/250 Pack