High Brite - 1.4mm El Wire By The Foot

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  • If you require a connector soldered onto your el wire you can select that here as well
  • If you get multiple el wire with connectors you can get our el wire splitters so you can have multiple el wires off of one inverter.

    Please note never exceed the inverters maximum length of el wire it can power.

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    HIGH Brite 1.4mm EL Wire (By The Foot)
    $1.26  Feet
    1.4mm El Wire 5-Pack
    $4.50  Each
    1 EZ SNAP Connector NO NEED FOR a Solder Connection and NO NEED for a 5-Pack
    $4.45  Each
    We Solder A MALE Connector To Your El Wire
    $5.76  Each
    El Wire Splitters
    $1.99  Each
    12VDC EL Wire Inverter - UP TO 26 Feet
    $11.88  Each