EL Flat Panels

Mystical Fun Face - ATOMIC Glow Artist Panel

Item #: FFACE-AG-2410

Price: $100.00/Each


Our ATOMIC Glow Artist Panels Are AMAZING And No Two Panels Are Exactly The Same Since Each One Is Custom Hand Made In The USA



This AWESOME ATOMIC Glow "Mystical Fun Face" is 24-Inches X 24-Inches and will really make a visual impact in any room.

What makes our Atomic Glow Panels a GREAT VALUE is they look great during the day and at night. They look GREAT when the room is filled with light and looks just as GREAT when the Mystical Fun Face GLOWS in the dark.

Call Us Today Toll Free - 866-435-9473 or 281-444-0400 To Have Us Make "YOUR" Custom ATOMIC GLOW Panel....

Each sign comes with a 1-year warranty. Each sign can be purchased as is or you can add a frame to hang it on a wall. Without the frame EACH PANEL comes with a very strong aggressive adhesive back so you can stick this sign to most flat surfaces but note you will not be able to remove the sign without damaging the sign and the surface.

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