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El Panel - Thank You Thumbs Up

Item #: FELPS-TY1

Price: $20.50/Each


El Panel Power Signs. El Panel Power Signs are a Flat El Technology that is nothing less than AMAZING.

This great Thank You sign (10-Inches by 8-Inches) is a must have in your car, truck, RV or store-front window.

Hang it in your vehicles rear window and whenever anyone does something nice to you while driving tell them thanks. We want to create a more friendly driving environment. Let's say someone lets you pass them or they let you in their lane.....Go ahead and let them know you really appreciate it and turn your Thank You sign on for a few seconds....the other driver will be surprised and amazed you thanked them.

Do the same for your customers by hanging in your business.

This kit comes complete all you need to do is hang it on your window and there is plenty of wire to go from the back to the front of your vehicle. Includes: Sign, Lead Wire, Inverter and cigarette Lighter Plug.

  • Very Thin and Flexible - Approximately 0.020 of an inch thick
  • Comes with 8-Feet of Lead Wire

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