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120VAC - 29 Square Inches Simple PLUG IN Inverter

Item #: FELP-WT-29SI

Price: $14.98/Each


Power El Flat Panel Power Shape directly from any 110VAC power source.

This inverter can power up to 29 Square Inches of our El Flat Panel Power Shapes.It has a small push button to cycle between 3 functions, constant, blink, and strobe. This inverter also has a new technology which allows it to power the wire without making much noise. All you do is plug it in and you are ready to go.

  • Inverter has 3-Modes which are Constant, Blink, and Strobe
  • Use Any Wall Outlet or surge protector to power your EL Wire
  • Size: 2 "L x 1 1/2 "W x 7/8 "D

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