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3Volt / 8 - 13 Foot Inverter - For EL Wire

Item #: WY-ELI-250-400-3v

Price: $11.12/Each


This Inverter Produces a High Pitch Whine

USED FOR Lighting 8 - 13 feet of High Bright el wire - Replacement el wire inverter, When building your own kit. Holes in the side of the inverter allow you to screw it into a hard surface when you require a secure inverter.

This Inverter will provide you with the following:

  • Powers up to 6 feet of 3rd Generation 2.6mm El Wire
  • Powers 6ft of the NEW 3rd Generation 5.0mm High Bright El Wire
  • Powers 8 to 13 feet of 2nd Generation El Wire
  • Runs off of 3v of power
  • Holes on the inverters sides allow you to screw it into a hardened surface.
  • Size: 1-1/4"L x 13/16"H x 1"W
  • Color: Black

Note: Does not come with 3 volt power supply

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