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El Wire Grab Bag - 20 Feet

Item #: lmtd-spcl

Price: $14.88/Each


WOW What A Great Deal

This special sale item consists of multiple pieces of el wire in various colors, lengths and diameters. Each bag will have no less than 20 feet.

This bag of el wire is just that, a bag of el wire in various colors, lengths and diameters.

Most Strands Will Not Have Connectors

Who would benefit from this bag of el wire? People who understand el wire and can do their own soldering. Again this is just a bag of various el wires which means to light them up you will need to have an inverter already or you can buy one from our site.

The wires in these grab bags are scrap pieces at the end of a spool, or it may have been wire that was not the right color for an application. Some strands in the grab bag may have connectors already soldered on.

We do not guarantee what colors you will get, what lengths or diameter each wire is and there may even be a few strands that may not even work. Bottom line for this great BLOW OUT PRICE you will get your moneys worth!!

    Comes With
  • A Minimum of 20 feet of el wire combined
  • Multiple pieces of el wire diameters
  • Each El Wire strand will be of various lengths
  • Multiple colors of wire

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