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2.6mm EL Wire Sound Kit 12V (9 - 17 Ft)

Item #: WY-400-500-12-26

Price: $42.66/Each


Our NEW 3rd Generation 2.6mm High Bright El Wire is TWICE as BRIGHT as the 2nd generation and it will hold more of its shape which means less mounting points.

Just hook the inverter up to a 12 volt source of power and you are ready to go! Works with any 12v Power Source! This kit comes complete with:

  • Wire is 2.6mm thick
  • 10 - 17 feet of NEW 3rd Generation 2.6mm High Bright El Wire
  • Quick e-z disconnect connectors that allows you to connect and disconnect different colors
  • One two mode El-Wire inverter
  • Inverter can stay on constant or be set in sound mode
  • Adjust the sensitivity with the side bar, and control how the wire reacts to music.
  • Note: Does not come with 12 volt power source, you must provide your own

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