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1.4mm - EL Wire Sound Kit, 12Volt / 33 - 38 Feet

Item #: WY-1000-1200-14M

Price: $70.77/Each


Just hook the inverter up to a 12 volt source of power and you are ready to go! Works with any 12v Power Source! This kit comes complete with:
  • Wire is 1.4mm thick
  • 33 - 38 feet of "BRIGHT" 1.4mm EL Wire
  • Quick e-z disconnect connectors that allows you to connect and disconnect different colors
  • One two mode El-Wire inverter
  • Inverter can stay on constant or be set in sound mode
  • Adjust the sensitivity with the side bar, and control how the wire reacts to music.
  • Note: Does not come with 12 volt power source, you must provide your own

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