800 mA M2 Solar Power Charging and Battery System

Item #: M2-Solar-800mA

Price: $12.50/Each



Normal Price Up - $46.00 EACH

Blowout Price - $12.50 EACH


800 mA Flexible SOLAR POWER Charging System

Amazing - Powerful - Fast Charging - Long Lasting - Flexible - Ready To Use



This Solar Power Charging System is an absolute MUST HAVE item because it can do MUCH more then just power your el wire kit(s). Our Solar Power System is a True ready to use Plug-and-Play on all of our 12VDC el wire kits and inverters. Just charge the battery pack which is included using the power of the SUN and then plug the 800 mA Nimh Rechargeable 12VDC Battery into the inverter and your el wire kit is ready to go. This Solar Power System comes with all the proper connectors to plug into any of our 12VC inverters.

If you are into SAVING money this Solar Kit is for YOU!!! If you are into going GREEN then this Solar Kit is for YOU!!!

This item will pay for itself in no-time-flat based on battery replacement cost and the electricity you use to charge and re-charge certain everyday items. Plus if you add in the gas you spend to get the batteries then you can see how this Solar Power Kit pays for itself.

Our Thin and Flexible Amorphous Solar Panel is also used in solar-chip technology. The three-layer composite technology PN junction uses a sandwich structure design layered to absorb sunlight in the red, blue and green spectrum's.

Yes this kit comes with everything in the above picture (except iPhone Connector Optional). The 800 mA Nimh 12VDC rechargeable battery can power almost any of your 12VDC el wire projects BUT and this is a BIG BUT our M2 Solar Power System can also charge many cell phones, mp3, digital camera, iPhone, and other mobile devices just from the SUN. It even charges on cloudy days.


  • Output 4 Watts
  • Work voltage 12VDC at 800 mA
  • Approximate Weight of Solar Panel ONLY: 9.8 Ounces
  • Approximate Weight of 800 mA Nimh Rechargable 12VDC Batteries With Pouch and Strap: 7.8 Ounces
  • Size Open: 21 1/2" x 9"
  • Size Folded: 9" x 4 1/4" x 2"
  • Average Recharge Time In Full Sun: 3 to 5 hours

  • Flexible Solar Power Panel
  • Rechargeable 12VDC 800 mA Nimh Battery Pack with Connector
  • Battery Pack Pouch with VELCRO Belt Clip
  • VELCRO Battery Strap
  • Two Main Charging Cables One For Recharging Battery Pack and the Other For USB Charging
  • USB Plug That Produces 5.0 VDC (+ or - 5%)
  • USB Interface Cable Which Allows You To Charge Other Devices Like Cell Phones and Other Mobile Devices
  • One Interface Cable From Battery Pack To 12VDC El Wire Inverter
  • Four Different Style Connectors To Charge / Power Devices Like Cell Phones and Other Mobile Devices
  • Price Includes Everything In Photo EXCEPT iPhone Connector (Can be added as an option)