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Selecting your El Panel Power Shape Inverter or Inverters is real EASY......

Unlike El Wire which is based on how many feet you have...... El Panel Power Shapes are based on Square Inches of Lighted Area.

First Select your El Panel Power Shape or Shapes and then add up your total Square Inches of all your shapes.

Then in this section you will see how many Square Inches each Inverter can power. EXAMPLE: Let's say you select Four El Panel Power Shapes and the TOTAL combined Square Inches of these FOUR pieces is 8.24 Square Inches. Then you will select an Inverter that has a rating of 8.24 Square Inches or Higher.

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1.5VDC MINI ME - 6 Sq Inches

12VDC Simple - 100 Sq Inches
Item #: FLEP-SBL-100SI

12VDC Sound Reactive - 100 Sq Inches
Item #: FELP-SND-100SI

3VDC Black Widow - 25 Sq Inches
Item #: CAA-25SI

9VDC Dimmer - 35 Sq Inches
Item #: FELP-I-35SI

POWER HOUSE - 200 Sq Inches
Item #: FELP-I-175SI

120VAC - 29 Square Inches Simple PLUG IN Inverter
Item #: FELP-WT-29SI