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Here you will find all the accessories you will need to either make your own kits or just get replacement parts.

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UK 220VAC - 12Volt / DC Wall Transformer
Item #: UK-12VDC-400mA

We Solder A MALE Connector To Your El Wire

Piece to Piece Splitter System
Priced as low as $1.14/Each

0.9mm El Wire End Caps
Item #: 0.9mm-EC

1.4mm El Wire 5-Pack
Item #: 1.4-5P

1.4mm El Wire End Caps
Item #: 1.4mm-EC

10CT Box N95 Particulate Respirator With Exalation Valve
Item #: 10CT-RES-920-N95-VAL

2.2mm El Wire End Caps
Item #: 2.2mm-EC

2.6mm El Wire End Caps
Item #: 2.6mm-EC

20CT Box N95 Particulate Respirator
Item #: 20CT-RES-900-N95-NV

3Volt / DC Wall Transformer
Item #: 3VDC-Reg-400mA

4.5Volt / DC Wall Transformer
Item #: 4.5VDC-Reg-400mA

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