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El Wire is NOT Recommended for Permanent Outdoor Applications Due To Humidity

This section of our store lists all of our thickest High Bright 5.0mm El Wire.

Our 5.0mm High Bright is GREAT for most applications needing that extra protection. Our High Bright el wire is water-resistant (NOT WATERPROOF). Can be used outdoors but we HIGHLY recommend INDOOR use for longevity. EL Wire emits a spectacular uniform light source 360 degrees throughout its entire length. EL Wire is Non-Toxic, cold to the touch, very durable, and resistant to water and ice.

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MAX BRITE 5mm EL Kit 16 - 26 Ft 12V
Item #: WY-0LJ-Y55

MAX BRITE 5mm EL Kit 3 - 10 Ft 120VAC
Item #: WT-50-AC

MAX BRITE 5mm El Kit 50 - 200 Ft 120VAC
Item #: WY-FCX-5X5

MAX BRITE 5mm EL Sound Kit 20 - 32 Ft 12V
Item #: WY-1200-1500-12v-50-2

MAX BRITE 5mm EL Sound Kit 9 - 20 Ft 12V
Item #: WY-1000-1200-12v-50

MAX BRITE 5mm Kit (10-19 Ft) 9V
Item #: IPSF5-615

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