EL Wire Kit Builder

With the EL Wire Kit Builder:

  • You will not have to do ANY soldering
  • Splitters (if needed) will be included automatically, based on your selections
  • You don't need to know anything about inverters! Based on your answers to the questions in the Kit Builder, we will present you with inverter options that will work for your kit.

Your custom kit will arrive at your door, ready to be used. No assembly required. ALL YOU need to do is open the box and start having fun.

STEP 1: Diameter, Length, Color

Did you know YOU can power from 1 to 5 different El Wires on one (1) El Wire Kit? Tell us how many strands you want.
- For our best and brightest wire, choose the 2.6mm size!
- When entering your wire lengths, you can use increments of half feet (ex: 12 ft. or 12.5 ft.)

IMPORTANT: You need to know how much wire your project requires and if you need help figuring that out, CLICK HERE.

  Diameter     Length        Color 3 ft. Extension What is this?
    (half feet allowed)   ($5.88 per strand)
Strand 1 ft. 3 ft. extension (optional)
Strand 2 ft. 3 ft. extension (optional)
Strand 3 ft. 3 ft. extension (optional)
Strand 4 ft. 3 ft. extension (optional)
Strand 5 ft. 3 ft. extension (optional)
  Usable footage left: 100% (Cannot exceed 320 ft. for total of all strands)
Notes on Choosing EL Wire

EL Wire ThicknessesYou have some options when it comes to EL Wire. We sell a range of wire from thin to thick, in varying brightness and color. Here's a little food for thought when it comes to choosing the wire you'll use for your kit.

Click To See EL Wire Brightness


STEP 2: Powering the Kit  
Select ONE of the AC or Battery power options for your kit:
Plug-In Power (AC) - Permanent
Battery Power (DC) - Portable
Cigarette Lighter Adapter
I will provide my own 12 VDC power
AC or Battery Power

With your EL Wire Kit, you can power it from batteries, or from an AC power source, which can be a wall outlet, or wired into your vehicle's power system. We offer a number of different inverters to suit whatever your needs are.

** Many of our inverters that run off of battery power can also be powered with an add-on adapter wall plug. When choosing your power source, select the option that you will use most often.
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