April 2009 – El Wire Newsletter and Discount Code

April 2009 – El Wire Newsletter and Discount Code

Check Out The Winners of Our First Quarter Photo Contest!!!

We have just completed our first el wire photo contest and all the winners, runner up’s and all other photo entries can be seen by Clicking Here.

1st Place Winner

2nd Place Winner

3rd Place Winner

Trying to pick a winner in this contest was very tough.  In fact, the difference in vote count between the top three was no greater then two votes.  I would also like to add a BIG Thanks to all of you who submitted your photos for the first quarter contest.

Send Us A Topic You Would Like Us To Cover! 

If you have a specific topic or topics that you would like us to discuss in future newsletters just click HERE to submit your suggestions.

WIN $350 In El Wire Products

2nd Quarter Photo Contest Has Already Started.

We will be having a photo contest every quarter in 2009 and this quarters contest (2nd Qtr) is even larger then the last one.

Click here to see this quarters photo contest rules.

How much el wire stuff can you win?

1st Place – $350 in el wire stuff

2nd Place – $175 in el wire stuff

3rd Place – $75 in el wire stuff

We Have A Few New Products We Would Like You To See…..

Have Any Suggestions On How We Can Improve?

Please email us if you have anysuggestions on how we can improve in any area of our business.  From how we answer the phone to how we package our orders to how our website works to improving this newsletter.  Please call us Toll Free 866-435-9473 or email us by clicking here How You Can Improve.

This Month’s Discount Code

This month’s DISCOUNT CODE is good for a 4% Savings on all orders placed online at www.ThatsCoolWire.com and this Discount Code is valid through June 1, 2009.


From The Owner

Did You Know…….

Did you know that we will help you with all your design and technical questions using el wire or LED lighting?

As creative people are pushing the creative envelope, sometimes challenges arise and that is where we can come in and be a big help.

All you need to do is call us Toll Free 866-435-9473 and tell us what you are trying to create or do and we will offer you FREE advice and technical information to get you on your way.


Did You ALSO Know…….

If you purchased your el wire or el wire inverters from another company and the el wire and or the el wire inverter stopped working you can send the items to us and we will try and determine what is wrong and attempt to fix it for FREE. You just need to pay for shipping to us and back to you.

We can not guarantee we can fix the problem but we have been dealing with el wire and el wire inverters for over eight (8) years and we have seen our share of issues that are easily fixed if you know what to look for.  Send us your el wire or el wire inverter if it stopped working, but call us first Toll Free 866-435-9473 because we just might be able to determine what is wrong over the phone.

Need To Reach Us:

866-435-9473 – Toll Free
713-869-0500 – Local Office

Where All The Smart Creative People Go!!!




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