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Color of El Wire when NOT Powered

This picture shows you the color of the El Wire outer PVC jacket when there is “NO” power to the El Wire.  Again the picture below is without power.  The reason for this picture is sometimes people after receiving their El Wire think they received a color they did...

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El Power Consumption Amps

EL WIRE POWER CONSUMPTION CHART Example: In the top section we start off with the 0.9mm El Wire and here is what each Column Heading Means: Inverter Voltage – This is the inverters input voltage 12VDC – This is under Inverter Voltage This means this is a 12VDC El...

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Paper Mache LIGHTED Masks

Our Staff decided to have some fun and make some cool Paper Mache El Wire masks which you can see below.  It is easy to do and if you have never done Paper Mache before we recommend you go to YouTube and watch this great video.

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SOLAR Power System – Care Sheet

SOLAR PANEL CHARGING AND POWER SYSTEM Thank you for purchasing our Solar Panel System. With proper care you will get many years of money saving uses from this amazing system. Please read the information below in its entirety so you will understand the do’s and don’ts when using your...

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1st Quarter Contest Photos – 2009 had it’s first El Wire contest and we are excited and proud to share the entries with you. The pictures shown below are not in any particular order and what you will see in some cases the same picture taken at different points of view. We will have...

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