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Egg Shape Mood Lighting

ThatsCoolWire – Our Egg Shape Mood Lighting is an awesome product. We think you will agree that our Mood Changing LED Shapes are the “perfect” item for the following uses: Room Decor, Table Decor, Use As Part Of Your Larger Art Projects, Special Event Centerpieces, Great Meditation Lighting, Use...

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Light Flying Disc

Our LIGHT FLYING DISC utilizes an ultra-bright Multi-Color LED to illuminate the entire disc from every angle. Constructed using a plastic that is soft, flexible, durable, translucent, and perfect for all hand sizes. Fun during the day but really fun at night. Truly a Fun and Amazing item and...

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Fader \ Blink Module

We hope you find this short video on our Fader \ Blink module informative. This module will make a 12VDC el wire inverter that only has a constant mode Fade (3 Modes) or Blink. The advantage is you can now make your el wire kit do more then just...

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The ZOOM (Motion Reacting Wristband)

REACTS TO MOVEMENT…. So start moving and have FUN. If you need bright LED lighting then you came to the right place. The ZOOM (Motion Reacting Wristband) is great for Cyclist, Runners, Dog walkers, Dancers, and anyone who wants to be seen.

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