• EL Wire
    360 Degrees of PURE Wow-Ness!
    Pre-built EL Wire Kits
    Build your own custom kits in minutes
    Or... let us do the customizing for you
  • 3D Printing
    What can we print for you?
  • Domed Labels
    Attractive, High-End Labels That Last!
    Labels that withstand extreme conditions
    Great for decals, vinyl signs, industrial stickers, etc.
    Custom domed labels to suit your application
  • ATOMIC Glow Panels
    NEW! It's time to get noticed!
    NEW Patent Pending Technology
    Every panel is custom made in the U.S.A
    Green technology using a very low energy footprint
  • LED'S
    Let Your Inspiration Fly With Our LED Products
    Let our LED Frog lights get the job done
    Durable, Dependable and packed with 100% confidence
    Let our LED's solve your smallest or biggest challenges
  • EZ-SNAP Connectors
    A True Game Changer!
    Now anyone can connect El Wire in a SNAP
    No more soldering required with the EZ SNAP Connector
    The EZ-SNAP Connector is truly a game changer

Build your custom El Wire kit's today quickly and easily!

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El Wire

EL Wire

360 Degrees of PURE Wow-Ness!

Let your "IDEAS" and our El Wire come together and watch what happens. For those who know what they want, our DIY EL Wire products have you covered! Also, don't miss a visit to our EL Wire Education Page!

EL Flat Panels

EL Flat Panels

Nothing less than AMAZING!

Take our El Flat panels for a test drive. Great for signs, costumes, auto, and industrial projects. Select from our current shapes or have us custom make a panel to fit your specific application.

LED Products

LED Products

Let Your Inspiration Fly!

Let our LED's solve your smallest or biggest challenge! Light up your "IDEA or IDEAS" with our Phantom LED or FROG Lights or the Black Panther. Not sure what you need just ask.

Atomic Glow Panels

Atomic Glow Panels

It's time to get noticed!

ATOMIC GLOW Panels will get your logo, message, ideas, design noticed 24/7. Every panel is handmade custom for you, and assembled in the USA. You will not believe what you can do so take a look.

Atomic Glow Panels

3D Printing

We make 3D printing easy!

We have multiple 3D printers which means we can print multiple jobs at the same time. We can accept your print file in the format of (STL or OBJ) or we can design your part using SolidWorks 2016 Premier.

Atomic Glow Panels

Domed Labels

High quality automotive grade polyurethane doming

Give your labels, decals, emblems and nameplates a protective 3D clear domed surface you can count on for years! Our two-part automotive grade clear weather resistant and non-yellowing polyurethane resin can be trusted because it has been used for over 30 years.

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