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There’s no limit to what you can do with EL Wire.

There is so much you can do with EL Wire!

All of our EL Wire product categories are below.

Check out the EL Wire Education page for quick, easy steps to your next EL Wire Kit.

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EASY To Order El Wire Kits

​When you only need one strand / length of El Wire on a kit this is the section for you.

There are just a couple things you need to figure out before buying an EL Wire Kit:

  1. How much EL Wire do you need (how long)? 
    You can use a tape measure for straight lines. If you are lighting a complex designs that has curves or bends then tape string / yarn where you want el wire to be then remove it and measure it and that is how much el wire you need.
  2. ​Each Kit Already Has An Inverter To Power Your El Wire.
    You may still need to select whether you want Inverter to be battery (for portable projects) or AC powered (for permanent projects). Portable projects might be costumes, bikes, skate boards, sneakers. Permanent projects might be a table, cabinet, room, stairs…

Our EL Wire Kits come in a variety of lengths with whatever power options you prefer, and ARRIVES READY TO USE.
* If you need more than one strand of EL Wire in your project, then we strongly recommend using the EL Wire Kit Builder.





We offer different widths of wire to accommodate your project needs.
If you want the brightest wire, our 2.6mm and 5.0mm El Wire is about 30 percent brighter than the other diameters.

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All EL Wire projects require:

  1. A power source (an inverter)
  2. A way to connect the power source to the wire
  3. The wire itself.

Many of our customers buy the individual components they want and build their own EL Wire projects, but you can also use our EL Wire Kit Builder to speed your way through the process of configuring all of the components you’ll need for your EL Wire project.

If you have never built your own project with EL Wire before, we strongly recommend using the EL Wire Kit Builder. Otherwise, you can jump right in and buy whatever EL Wire components you need.

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We Take The Confusion Out Of El Wire
If you are new to el wire or are just confused on how el wire works or what components are needed to make el wire work then this video is for you.

How To Install El Wire On A Cabinet
This video shows us installing el wire to a cabinet but you can take this video and apply to your el wire project.

Are You New To El Wire – Or Find El Wire Confusing?
This section only has El Wire kits and all you need to do is select your length, color and you are done.


For the entire list of helpful EL Wire Videos, go here >


Here are some examples of things our customers have created with EL Wire.

If you’d like to see even more ideas, take a look at the full gallery.


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