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Our Return Policy

OUR RETURN POLICY September 2016 We believe having a fair and easy return policy is part of the shopping experience.  Not only do we make shopping with us easy……… we make returning your product just as easy. You can return any product you purchased from us (this does not...

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How To Install El Wire On A Cabinet

How To Install El Wire To Your Project We have two videos on this page.  The first one is a very detailed 17 minute video showing you all the details of adding el wire to a cabonet.  The second video at the bottom of the page is 2:34 minutes...

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Add El Wire To Your Costume

How To Design  And Add El Wire To Your Costume This is a great video that truly simplifies how you design and add el wire to your costume and when you see how easy it is you will be able to add el wire to all of your el...

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El Wire 101 WEBINAR

EL WIRE 101 WENINAR This webinar is our first ever webinar and it cover the basics of el wire and how to order el wire from our website.  See what you get when you order an el wire kit.  See how to use and see what you get when...

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