How to Use El Wire Kit Builder Properly? Everything You Need to Know

How to Use El Wire Kit Builder Properly? Everything You Need to Know

Electroluminescent wire (EL wire) is a copper wire that is used to produce light whenever a current is applied to it. it is used in several applications such as a vehicle, decoration of the structures, safety, emergency lighting, clothing, etc. because of its thin copper wire, it makes it looks flexible and ideal. El wire consists of major components that include solid copper wire core coated with phosphor.

If you want to create projects that glow, then you must use the EL wire. They are fun to use whether you want to use it to light up the costumes, vehicles or any other thing. It looks best on them and EL is typically a great solution. 

Power consumption

EL has less power consumption as compared to LEDs. EL wire is cool and good to touch. They are mostly watched in clothing materials. The glowing from EL comes when the current comes in contact with the material that consists of combinations of semiconducting. Hence when the electrons flow through the materials they create light known as photons that start glowing. 

EL Wire Kit Shapes and Sizes

EL wire is used in many products for different shapes and sizes. You can have these shapes in tapes, panels, and bendable forms. You can cut it into any shape and size and the result comes great. They are flexible and easy to use.

EL wire Layers

EL wire consists of the following layers.

Colored PVC Sleeve

 EL wire depends on the colored PVC sleeve that is clear. It gives the shining, luminous, and glowing.

Clear PVC Sleeve

 It is known as the second layer called PVC sleeve. This sleeve is known to be so clear and strong. They are not thick from the outer layer.

Corona Wires

 two thin wires are available that cover around the EL wire. They are known to be fine and known as angle wires. These wires can be inaccessible from the center core.

Phosphor Coating

 while applying the AC power around the coating, creates a great glowing effect that occurs from the phosphor coating. It is used to divide corona wires and cores. Phosphor is basically used to create a glow or bright effect.

Core Wire

 Core wire is known to be another layer of the EL wire that is used at the center of EL wire. This is known to be a very simple layer of the EL wire. This occurs at the center within another EL wire and is known to be a great EL wire layer. 


EL wire has some limitations for example, if it is in high frequency it will dispel the heat and that can break and loss the brightness. It is due to the unprotected wire. EL wire can produce high-frequency nosiness that causes sensitive audio. Some el wires break down at about 180 volts. 


EL wire sequencers are used to flash electroluminescent wire in consecutive arrangements. It requires a low-power and high frequency to light up the wire. While using a sequencer rated for 1.5 to 14. You must need to know that if less than 1.5m is being used that there are more chances of burning out the sequencer whereas, if more than 14m is used then EL wire will not light up brightly. It is stated that sequencers have more options for changing the speed or order of the sequence. Professional sequencers have more than 10 channels. 


Arranging the strand of EL wire shape into a slightly different shape that is possible to create animations. Animations can be formed by using EL wire sequencers. They are used for costumes. They are used to make new unique and perfect animations as well.


It is to be concluded that EL wire is used to produce light or glowing effect. It looks great and you can change its shapes and sizes with your own choices. It is flexible and has low power consumption. It can be used in clothing, vehicles, or any other materials or things. the major component of the EL wire that is used to create a glowing and bright effect is a copper wire that is coated with a phosphor.



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