EL Wire Facts

Q: How Thick Is El Wire

A: We sell three types of El Wire – Thin – Standard – Thick
Standard El Wire is – 0.9 millimeters = 0.0354331 inches
Standard El Wire is – 2.2 millimeters = 0.0866142 inches
Thick El Wire is – 4.0 millimeters = 0.1574803 inches

QHow Bright Is El Wire?

A: El Wire is intended for use in low light conditions or at night. Many customers compare the brightness of our wire to that of the chemical glowing strands used in bracelets and necklaces you often see at fairs, concerts, and other outdoor events.

For a more technical approach to defining the brightness of El Wire, see the “EL Wire Brightness” page by clicking the link on the left sidebar.

Q: What Colors Are Available?

A: El Wire is available in 10 colors:

    • Yellow
    • White
    • Teal Green
    • Red
    • Power Green
    • Purple
    • Dark Blue
    • Pink
    • Blue Green
    • 4-Color

Q: Does El Wire Ever Get Warm Or Hot?

A: No. It is always cool to the touch.

Q: Does El Wire Fade?

A: Under perfect conditions, the color of El Wire can last many many years, however, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or UV light will cause the color to fade over time.

In outdoor use where the wire is exposed to direct sunlight, you can expect the wire to hold its true color for 1 to 2 years from the date of purchase, depending on which color you buy. Red, Yellow, Power Green, Purple, and Pink will fade faster than the other colors under these conditions.

You can expect 2 to 3 years of true color from your wire when exposed to average sunlight indoors.

Q: How Flexible Is El Wire?

A: El Wire is very flexible. It can be tied in a knot around the diameter of #2 standard pencils.

Q: How Much Power Does El Wire Use?

A: 0.9mm El Wire draws 0.033 mA per foot.

2.2mm El Wire draws 0.051 mA per foot.

4.0mm El Wire draws 0.051 mA per foot.

Q: Is El Wire Durable?

A: El Wire is durable, non-toxic, cold to the touch and water resistant. Product life depends on operating conditions. If being used primarily outdoors El Wire should be put into a UV tube to extend product life and color intensity. El Wire is ultra flexible, allowing for twists and turns not possible with any other product. The only true limitation to El Wire is your imagination!

Q: Can El Wire Run On Battery Controllers Or Does It Need To Run On AC?

A: El Wire can run on batteries or AC current. Most of our battery controllers have an AC port so you can run on standard batteries (AA or 9-Volt) or bypass the battery and power the inverter with a wall transformer.

Q: How Long Does El Wire Last?

A: The question is not how long will El Wire last? The question is how quickly will El Wire become half as bright?

A quick understanding of El Wire is needed. What actually lights up in El Wire is the thin coating covering the main center core wire. An example of this is if you can picture removing your skin and muscle from your index finger you can now see your index finger bones. In El Wire there is a center core wire and this center core wire is the index finger bone. Now picture your index finger back to normal with your muscles and skin back in place. When El Wire is made a skin and muscle coating is applied over the entire center core wire. This coating we call the skin coating.

The Skin coating is what actually lights up in El Wire not the wire itself.

Depending on how hard you drive this skin coating (with an el wire inverter) will determine how fast this skin coating breaks down. El Wire is NOT like a light bulb where it either works or it does not work. El Wire skin coating over time will start to break down to where portions of the skin coating will not be as bright or will breakdown enough to cause a black spot.

What determines how quickly this skin coating breaks down is how hard the wire is driven by the El Wire inverter? Our inverters are designed to balance brightness and El Wire Brightness longevity.

On average El Wire brightness will become half as bright after 2800 – 3000 hours running at 2000Hz. This is based on 6 to 8 hours on each day and powered off the rest of the day.

A high Hz output from the inverter makes the El Wire brighter but it also shortens the life if it. For example, if an inverter runs at 10,000 Hz EL Wire will become half as bright at about 450 hours.

Q: Does your EL Wire contain Cadmium Cd?

A: El Wire Safety

Solution Industries – www.ThatsCoolWire.com presents to you information about El Wire safety as well as test results from ACCUTEST LABATORIES GULF COSAT, Inc.

We have recently noticed some very disturbing and confusing information on the internet stating El Wire specifically NON-LyTec el wire could contain Cadmium Cd in the PVC jacket. The same people providing this information can not answer the following questions.

1. What is the name of the company or companies making or selling imitation el wire?

2. What is the name of the company or companies selling el wire that contains Cadmium Cd?

3. Whose el wire was tested that showed high levels of Cadmium Cd?

4. What was the name and phone number of the lab that ran this test that found high levels of Cadmium Cd?

Solution Industries has been selling el wire for 5 years and sells the ORIGINAL WANYU-EL Wire named élite².

When shopping at www.ThatsCoolWire.com we want you to know all our products are vigorously tested for the highest level of dependability, quality and safety. With this said, we had our élite² el wire tested and our el wire did NOT contain any detectible levels of Cadmium Cd.

Here are the results of “testing the PVC jackets” of our El Wire. All colors of élite² were tested.

Analyte – Cadmium

Results – < 1.3 mg/kg

The above number <1.3 represent the following. ACCUTEST LABATORIES GULF COSAT, Inc. has the capability of detecting Cadmium Cd levels greater then 1.3 mg/kg or 1.3 Parts Per Million. Bottom line, there was no detectable levels of Cadmium Cd in our élite² el wire.

For more information on the test results please us at 866-4-EL-WIRE or Ron Martino at the lab listed below.

10165 Harwin Drive, Suite 150
Houston, Texas 77036
Phone: 713-271-4700

Accutest Job Number: T8321


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