EL Wire Learning Center

For those new to “E.L.” wire, or electroluminescent wire, this section provides you with information on our marquee products.


Q: What Is EL Wire?

A: Known as Electroluminescent Wire, EL Wire, starts with a core of phosphorescent material coated over a flexible copper wire. Two hair-thin wires are then wrapped around this core. A water resistant sheath is applied before the colored translucent plastic layer encapsulates it all. When electrical voltage and a high frequency is applied, the phosphorescent material glows like neon.

The wire is flexible and emits light along its entire length as well as its circumference (360 degrees). It is available in a wide range of colors and several diameters. Cool to the touch, it can be cut to any length. EL Wire can be powered by either battery operated drivers (DC) or by household current (AC).

Q: Do You Have A Product Catalog?

A: Our web site IS our catalog. The products and prices change often, therefore the web site is the most efficient way of serving our customers. Additionally, by streamlining the way we market our products, we can keep our prices low.

Q: Do You Sell Mounting Hardware?

A: The ONLY mounting devise we have is for our 2.2mm El Wire and it is under Accessories on our main site www.ThatsCoolWire.com

Q: For El Wire To Look Really Intense Is It Necessary To Maintain Low Ambient Light In The Surrounding Area?

A: As with all lights the lower the ambient light the better. El Wire is the perfect light for low lighted areas to dark areas. Please call us 866-4-EL-WIRE if you have further questions about El Wire Brightness.

Q: How Safe Is Our El Wire?

A: El Wire is very safe to use. Here are some product facts:

– Flammability Protection : 850 *C
– UL Certified: File E-73026
– CE approved in Europe
– MSHA Certified for underground mining
– UV protection on all colors
– No detectable Cd levels in the PVC Jacket


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