January 2009 El Wire Newsletter and Discount Code

January 2009 El Wire Newsletter and Discount Code


Thank You!!!

Our company M2 Lighting Solutions, LLC known by most asThatsCoolWire.com had our best year ever in 2008 and we would like to say Thank You!!!!!

In fact, we would like to Thank You by offering everyone a 6% DISCOUNT CODE which will be good till March 16, 2009.  This 6% DISCOUNT CODE can be used online or call-in custom orders.  Give us a call Toll Free 866-435-9473.

Your Thank You DISCOUNT CODE is:


Did You Know….

We offer “YOU” FREE support on your lighting projects and the call is even FREE.  So give us a call Toll Free 866-435-9473 and let us help you on your next el wire and LED project.

Did you also know el wire is one of the most affordable lighting products as well as one of the most efficient lighting products out in the market?  Think about it, you are saving money by using el wire and saving money on your energy costs. Sounds like a win-win situation.

Send Us A Topic You Would Like Us To Cover!

If you have a specific topic or topics that you would like us to discuss in future newsletters just click HERE to submit your suggestions.

Looking To Establish A New To El Wire Group Here In Houston

We are just starting the process of looking for people who have never used el wire or have used it but would like to learn more about it.  Once we have a group established we will go through the basics of understanding el wire, teaching them how to do their own soldering and then we will have contests within the group to see who can come up with the most creative project using el wire.  If you are interested please call us 713-869-0500 or email us.  Maybe we can create a global el wire group and do the same thing so if you have suggestions please let us know your ideas.

El Wire Videos…

We now have a few videos on our site covering a few different topics as well as an outstanding step-by-step picture library on how to solder connectors to el wire.

Here are some of the video topics available, just click on a topic to view that video.

Picture Library….

Also take a look at our great step-by-step picture library showing you how to solder a connector onto your el wire.Click here to view.

We Have A Few New Products We Would Like You To See…..

Have Any Suggestions On How We Can Improve

Please email us if you have anysuggestions on how we can improve in any area of our business.  From how we answer the phone to how we package our orders to how our website works to improving this newsletter.  Please call us Toll Free 866-435-9473 or email us by clicking here How You Can Improve.

Where All The Smart Creative People Go!!!



From The Owner

The Economy…..

I would like to talk about the economy just for a second since it seems like everyone else is.  Here is my take….. We are going to be just fine!!!  This is not the end of the world or the end of mankind; it is a recession and guess what? We meaning you and me along with the rest of the world will get through it and come out even stronger, history has proven this.

We as people do our absolute best when we are challenged and the worst thing we can do is buy into all this negativity which is there for ratings and the people who will listen.

I truly believe you attract into your life what you think, feel, believe and dwell on. I personally live my life believing the glass is a little more then half full and the rest of the glass is potential, I believe life is great, I can honestly say I wake up each and every morning saying “this is going to be a Great Day and I am glad to be part of it!”

Life is way to valuable, way to precious and most of all way to short to buy into all this negative news…….DO NOT GO THERE……Go find someone to help and then see how you feel.

I will end it here…..We are not guaranteed tomorrow all we truly have is today.  So wake up and say “It Is Going To Be One Awesome Day”.

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