0.9mm El Wire 5-Pack


0.9mm El Wire 5-Pack

0.9mm El Wire 5-Pack


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USED FOR If you are building your own kits or will be cutting your 0.9mm el wire then this 5-Pack is a must. After you cut your 0.9mm el wire cover the end by placing a small dot of silicone or (U-PVC Glue – RECOMMENDED) to the end and push your end cap on.

This 5-Pack is great for the do-it-yourself group or the group who want to take their el wire kits to the next level. Larger shrink tubing is Rigid Shrink Tubing with adhesive glue on the inside to help protect your solder connection.

PICTURE SHOWS MALE CONNECTORS – You can order Female Connectors in the drop down box below.

  • You will Receive 5 connectors, 15 pieces of shrink tubing, and 5 end caps. Colored shrink tubing will match connector color.
  • Colored Shrink Tubing (.75″ x OD .1875″) Fits 0.9mmEL Wire
  • Black Shrink Tubing (.75″ x OD .1875″) Fits 0.9mm EL Wire
  • Small Black Shrink Tubing (.312″ x OD .125″) Can be used to add protection to your center core solder connection
  • End cap matches el wire color and will fit 0.9mm el wire
  • Connectors – ez-connect 2-Pin connectors. You can order Male or Female connectors in the drop down box below.

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