El Wire End Caps – 10 Pack

El Wire End Caps – 10 Pack

El Wire End Caps – 10 Pack


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USED FOR If you are building your own kits or will be cutting your El Wire then a 10-Pack El Wire End Caps is a must. After you cut your El Wire to the correct length cover the end by placing a small dot of silicone or (U-PVC Glue – RECOMMENDED) to the end of the El Wire and push your end cap on.

Our el wire end caps will protect your investment by covering the open end with a matching colored end cap.

  • Protects your El Wire investment
  • Protects the end from dirt, moisture and shorting out against other metal objects
  • End cap are CLEAR so your El Wire color will shine through

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Weight 0.015 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × .25 in

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