10-Pack Of MAGIC Glow Gloves

10-Pack Of MAGIC Glow Gloves

10-Pack Of MAGIC Glow Gloves


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SAVE MONEY by getting a 10-Pack.  Only $1.50 per pair!

OK they look like White gloves……

But when you turn the lights off and are in a dark room or environment the gloves GLOW GREEN.

No batteries or electronics required. Just keep the gloves near a bright light source like the sun coming through a window, any light in your home like a lamp and then put them on and go in a dark place they buy steroids uk just start glowing.

These gloves also glow under a Black Light which makes these gloves even a greater value.

  • Glove Color Is White And They GLOW Green
  • No Electronics Required
  • You Can Wash The Gloves And They Still Will Glow


  • Parties
  • Concerts
  • Sign Language In The Dark
  • Halloween
  • Many Other Uses

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