2.6mm 8-Port EL Wire Sequencer Kit – 12V

2.6mm 8-Port EL Wire Sequencer Kit – 12V

2.6mm 8-Port EL Wire Sequencer Kit – 12V


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This Inverter Will NOT Light All Ports At Once

You asked we delivered. Many of you have asked for an el wire sequencing kit and here it is. This Sequencer can sequence up to eight (8) different strands of El Wire. This sequencer has an on / off switch and can be powered using 12VDC Battery Pack which makes it portable or you can use our 12VDC wall transformer to power it for a more permanent / stationary application.

This sequencer can power from 8 feet to 32 feet of el wire.

On this page you will be able to order one color for all ports and one length of el wire for each port.

IMPORTANT If you really NEED to order different colors on each port or if you NEED different colors and different lengths on each port you still need to select a color and a length from the options provided. The ONLY thing you need to do differently is during the CHECK OUT PROCESS (Above The Submit Order Button) you need to click on the Please enter any comments link and in the comments section just say something like I need 12-Feet of Red on port #1, I need 6 Feet of Dark Blue on port #2, I need 14 Feet of Pink on Port #3, I need 4 Feet of White on Port # 4, I need 14 Feet of Pink on Port #5, I need 7 Feet of Dark Blue on Port # 6, I need 2 Feet of Teal Green on Port #7, I need 5 Feet of Pink on Port #8 and we will take care of it.

Great Uses For: signs, costumes, props, centerpieces, art projects, safety vests and many others

Technical / Specifications

  • Physical Size: L ( 3 5/16) W (2 1/8) H (1 1/4)
  • 8 Output Sequencer
  • Weight Of Inverter With Connectors But No El Wire: 2.9 oz
  • Can Power A Total Combined Length Of El Wire From 16 Feet To 64 Feet
  • Can Be Powered Using Our 12VDC Battery Pack Making It Portable Or By Using Our 12VDC Wall Transformer
  • Sequence Pattern: Seven (7) wire OFF and One ON
  • Sequence Time: Approximately 1/2 Second – Light stays on for Approx 1/2 second then sequences to the next wire. (NOT ADJUSTABLE)

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