2.6mm El Wire Long Mount pack of 5

2.6mm El Wire Long Mount pack of 5


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This great new 6-Inch 2.6mm El Wire Mount is AMAZING with so many ways to use it. Each mounting stick is 6-Inches long with sewing/mounting holes through the whole length. You can cut each mounting stick and get 8 – 10 small mounts on average meaning you can have 40 – 50 small 2.6mm mounts per 5-PackThis 6-Inch 2.6mm El Wire Mount can be used by snapping in your 2.6mm el wire through the full length or you can cut the long mount into sections any length you need.

You can sew this mount onto your project or you can glue it on the choice is yours.

Just snap your 2.6mm el wire into this mount it is that easy.


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