El Flat Panel VELCRO Mounting Strip

El Flat Panel VELCRO Mounting Strip


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USED FOR: Attaching your El Flat panel to your project. This “Adhesive” VELCRO 1-Foot STRIP is GREAT because you can cut it into small strips or shapes or you can use the strip the way it is. The Adhesive and VELCRO grip is VERY Strong which makes it a great product for mounting your El Flat Panel to almost any surface. An easy way to attach and remove your El Flat Panels over and over. You can sew one side of VELCRO to your costume and stick the other side on your El Flat panel for easy removal and reattachment.


  • 1-Foot of Adhesive VELCRO Hooks and 1-Foot of Adhesive Loops
  • VELCRO is 1-Inch Wide
  • VERY Strong Adhesive VELCRO Strip and Very Strong VELCRO Grip
  • Color: BLACK
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    Weight 0.027 lbs

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