El Wire Mounting Safety Pins

El Wire Mounting Safety Pins

El Wire Mounting Safety Pins


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We have been asked over and over what is the best way to mount El Wire to clothing and the answer is our Safety Pins.

We sell Black Safety Pins and Silver Safety Pins in packs of 50. The Black pins are great if you are using a black or dark fabric this way the pins will not be visible. The Silver pins are great for lighter color fabrics.

If you need a fast easy way to mount your El Wire to your costume / clothing then this is the best way to go.

Just fasten the safety pin to your clothing and then slide your El Wire through. The advantage of safety pins are:


  • Comes in Black or Silver
  • Fast and Easy to Attach
  • Fast and Easy to Remove
  • Safety Pin gives El Wire room to move up and down and side to side



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