Epoxy FlexWinder RED LED

Epoxy FlexWinder RED LED


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NEW – UL Approved – “High Bright Epoxy FlexWinder RED LED System”

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This 12VDC LED System is the latest technology solution for closed face and custom channel letters.

High Brightness – The epoxy-encapsulated FlexWinder? RED LED System produce brightness values consistent with neon (even in white!) and is up to 3x brighter than other competitive technologies.

  • Back-Illumination – uses high brightness back-illuminated LED modules.
  • Even Illumination – even in Channel Letters as shallow as 2.5?.
  • Easy to Install – Just peel the tape backing and stick directly to the back of the can. The epoxy-encapsulated FlexWinder? RED LED System floods the can evenly with it’s 110 degree beam angle, making module placement less critical than some other back-lit LED systems.
  • Extended Life – The epoxy-encapsulated FlexWinder? RED LED System uses high-brightness, highly efficient 5mm LED packages that generate little to no heat.
  • Moisture, Salt and Humidity Resistant – The epoxy-encapsulated FlexWinder? RED LED System modules totally sealed from the elements to protect the circuitry against moisture, salt, and humidity.
  • Consistent Color – Bins all of its LEDs to the tightest color specifications to produce even color from module to module.
  • Weather Resistant
  • Long Life: 100,000 hrs

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