1.4MM EL Wire Spool – 50 Feet – BRITE

1.4MM EL Wire Spool – 50 Feet – BRITE

1.4MM EL Wire Spool – 50 Feet – BRITE


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NEW HIGH BRITE ONLY$1.41 per foot by the spool.

High Bright El Wire by the spool is a great way to save money.

The advantage is you save money since you are buying full spools. Eachspool in this section has 50 feet of High Bright El Wire.

  • Great for the Do-It-Your-Selfers
  • You save money since you are getting a spool

Our 1.4mm High Bright is GREAT for most applications. Our High Bright el wire iswater-resistant (NOT WATERPROOF). INDOOR use ONLY! EL Wire emits aspectacular uniform light source 360 degrees throughout its entirelength. EL Wire is Non-Toxic, cold to the touch, very durable, andresistant to water and ice.

Application Notes:
** EL Wire by itself will NOT illuminate, inverters are needed.**

El Wire can be cut but we HIGHLY recommend you get our 5-Pack shownin Accessories

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Weight 0.250 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

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