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5.0mm Diameter El Wire – “MAX BRITE”


Our MAX BRITE 5.0mm El Wire is 30 to 40 percent brighter then our BRITE El Wire and is absolutely GREAT for an endless number of applications.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – When Ordering 5.0mm MAX BRITE Wire With Our Current Inverters YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE you ONLY Order Half The Length Of What The Inverter Can Power.

Example #1:If you will be getting our 9VDC inverter which can power 30 feet of the Brite El Wire…..YOU CAN ONLY POWER 1/2 OR 15-FEET OF THE MAX BRITE 5.0MM EL WIRE.

Example #2: Let’s say you want to power 50 feet of MAX BRITE 5.0mm El Wire the ONLY way you can do this is by getting an inverter that says it can power 100 or more feet. This only applies to the 5.0mm MAX BRITE El Wire and the 2.6mm MAX BRITE but PLEASE CALL US IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS.

Why get the MAX BRITE 5.0mm El Wire? The two main reasons are (1) It is 30 to 40 percent brighter then our BRITE El Wire and (2) The MAX BRITE 5.0mm El Wire will provide you more protection with it’s thicker 5.0mm outer jacket. PLEASE NOTE THE 5.0mm and 2.6mm MAX BRITE El Wire are the “SAME” brightness the 5.0mm just has a thicker outer jacket.

This product is a MUST have when quality and brightness are required.

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