Sample EL Wire Kit 1.5VDC

Sample EL Wire Kit 1.5VDC

Sample EL Wire Kit 1.5VDC


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If you are new to EL Wire (electroluminescent wire) and you do not want to spend alot of money to figure if El Wire technology is for you then this SAMPLE kit is for you.

What makes this SAMPLE kit so great? You get to SEE and TOUCH all three (3) sizes (1.4mm, 2.2mm, and the 5.0mm).

All you have to do is put one (1) AAA battery in the inverter and turn it on. This sample kit allows you to switch the lighting between constant and blink mode.

El Wire is great for many applications, get your sample kit today!

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Dimensions 6.00 × 6 × 1.02 in

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