Slightly Blemished EL Wire Strands 60% Savings

60% OFF

Slightly Blemished EL Wire Strands 60% Savings

Slightly Blemished EL Wire Strands 60% Savings

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$12.96 $5.24

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This is our BRITE 2.2mm EL Wire and we only have six colors in lengths between 6 feet and 14 feet.  This el wire is extremely discounted 60 PERCENT because each el wire strand might have a slight blemish.  The blemish will be a dark spot or dark spots throughout its length.  Some of the blemishes are so small you will have to really look hard to find them and some are like the YELLOW El Wire in the image above.

Each el wire strand has a connector soldered on which will work with any of our inverters.


  • Lighting up bikes
  • Lighting up scooters
  • Lighting up tents
  • Lighting up jackets
  • Lighting up costumes
  • Lighting up school projects
  • If you are new to el wire a great way to test and experience how cool el wire really is and SAVE money.

These strands of el wire are great if you just want to experiment with el wire and not spend a lot of money or you have a one time use for el wire or a disposable el wire project.


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Weight0.142 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in

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