Slim Line LED Kit

Slim Line LED Kit

Slim Line LED Kit


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If you need LED lighting that is portable then you came to the right place. This SLIM LINE LED kit requires no soldering, all you need to do is connect (2) two wires using our wire nuts and you are done, it is that EASY!!!!!

Professional Brightness and Long LASTING. Our test results showed that with 20 LED modules and our 12VDC battery pack (included) the LED’s stayed on for 24 + hours.

INCLUDES: Each kit comes with an 8 AA battery pack as shown above making the LED’s totally portable. Also includes wire nuts and a connector that the battery pack can plug into. Just select the number of LED modules you need.


  • LED’s have a 110 degree beam angle, making module placement less critical than some other LED lights
  • LED’s have 3M mounting tape on the back side for easy mounting
  • Extended Life – SLIM LINE LED’s are high-brightness, highly efficient that generate only a little to no heat
  • LED Modules can be used indoors or out BUT ARE NOT WATERPROOF
  • Long Life: 50,000 hrs PLUS




  • Each LED Module Weighs Approximately 0.25 Ounces
  • Each LED Module is Approximately: 1 13/16″ (Long) by 9/16″ (Wide) by 3/8″ (Thick)
  • Lead wire length between battery pack and connector is 12 inches
  • Battery Pack Weighs Approximately 0.9 Ounces With NO Batteries and Approximately 7.7 Ounces WITH Batteries
  • Battery Pack Is Approximately: 2 1/2″ (Long) by 2 1/4″ (Wide) by 1 1/4″ (Thick)




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