Reasons to Use Rechargeable Batteries With Thick el Wire

Reasons to Use Rechargeable Batteries With Thick el Wire

If you want to create the projects that spark and glow, then you must use the Electroluminescent (EL) wire. EL wire has now been used by not only the young or adults but also by kids too. LEDs are known to be great but nothing beats with EL wire. If you wanted to light up your bicycle or you wanted to create a light-up costume, then EL wire is known to be a great solution. The theory related to the EL wire operation is concerned with the understanding of electricity. EL wire is power-driven with AC power. Hence it is stated that EL wire is not harmful or dangerous than the electricity that is coming from your home.

If we talk about EL Wire, adhesive tape, Panel, Chasing Wire, Flexible Wire Forms Then Electroluminescent products are known to be the best that provides different shapes and sizes. You can get the most perfect shape of the wire, tape, panels, etc. hence it is flexible and can be cut to any shape or size.

Let’s discuss the reasons to use Rechargeable batteries with el wire:

Battery Packs

EL wire needs a driver or EL wire inverter to make it spark or glow. You can call it as battery packs. This name will help you to recognize it well. the battery packs are turned power with different lengths of the wire. If the inverter is larger, the longer EL wire can power. Rechargeable batteries used in EL wires give the best benefits and advantages that include suppleness, flexibility, elasticity, and tractability.


EL wire is known to be so flexible wire. It provides all the facilities of flexibility and is the best-used wire. It allows to shape or bend the wire with your desire. LEDs are also good to use but they are not more flexible than EL wires. EL wires provide the perfect manageable shapes with the great sizes that are available.

Low Power Consumption

EL involves less power work as compared to using LEDs. LEDs use more power as compared to EL. Hence EL requires less power consumption as it has a cool touch even after working on for hours. The reason why it is seen in most of the clothing applications. Hence using rechargeable battering with EL wire is known to be the best benefit it requires less power consumption.


EL wire comes in various and unique colors. It consists of red, yellow, orange, blue, white, purple, etc. different colors of the wires are available and you can get it from any store or shop. It is provided at any shop. There are many varieties available in the different EL wire colors. 

AC Power

EL wire can be used properly with AC power. The battery included in the EL starter kit and the inverter is not only a battery holder indeed. It companies the inverter as well. Hence this inverter works best and takes the direct current power produced by the batteries and then transforms it into AC. If you are listening to the inverter battery pack while it is in it is on mode, you will be going to hear a small hum, it is exactly similar to the sounds that you would hear if you stand close to the transformer. Whereas, if you wanted to compare it with 3V or 12V inverters they don’t have a battery holder build in. furthermore, it is mentioned that the AC power that is coming from the inverter is not that much to harm you. Whereas, it can give you a little shock. You need to be careful while handling EL products that are powered on. EL is so flexible that you can cut it to any shape or size but may remember to reseal the ends that you have cut. If you are in a situation where you have no end cape for the EL wire, then no need to worry about it because you can use hot glue to seal it.

EL Inverter Battery Pack

There is no difference in using the EL or EL inverter battery pack because they both are so simple to use. You need to take off the battery cover, place the batteries in the battery pack inverter. The next step is you need to plug in the male JST connector into female JST connectors with the help of the battery pack. You need to be sure that there must be a solid connection between them. While pressing the button you will see that EL wire will illuminate. It will give a blinking or illuminating effect. It is your choice that if you wanted to match colors or shapes. You can choose a green panel with yellow wire, red tape with a white wire, etc. it consists of tons of possibilities because of different various colors of the EL wires.

EL 3V Inverter

3V inverters are known to be ideal for EL displays. The EL inverter receives the input of about 2.5V to 4.2V hence you can have used them with batteries. Hence once it is powered on, it gives output up to 110V to drive EL wire. Hence EL wire is used greatly in rechargeable batteries as well. EL wires used in rechargeable batteries ensure that it has the best working, ideal display, and great power. Whereas, with the help of a 3V inverter, you can make it as an adapter or control the voltage.


It is concluded that EL wire is known to be so flexible wires. They can be used perfectly in rechargeable batteries and a better position. EL wire products provides the best shapes and sizes. It can cut or reshape the size of the wire, tape or panels. It gives flexibility, low power consumption, and different shapes or sizes.



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