SOLAR Power System – Care Sheet

SOLAR Power System – Care Sheet


Thank you for purchasing our Solar Panel System. With proper care you will get many years of money saving uses from this amazing system. Please read the information below in its entirety so you will understand the do’s and don’ts when using your Solar Panel System.

The first thing we recommend you do is visit both of the LINKS below. Both of these links will give you a full understanding on how to use your NEW Solar Panel System.




Your Solar Panel System will put out 5VDC to 5.36 VDC when charging your cell phone or mobile devices. PLEASE READ YOUR DEVICES MANUAL TO MAKE SURE THIS VOLTAGE OUTPUT IS IN RANGE AND SAFE FOR YOUR DEVICE.

When charging your cell phone or mobile device it is best to place the Flexible Solar Panel System in FULL sun but we DO NOT RECOMMEND you place the device you are charging in direct sunlight. The Solar Panel is designed to take the heat and the suns energy but your device is NOT. Please protect your device from the full sun while charging. We recommend covering your device while charging.

During our extensive testing we have noticed some devices and in particular the iPhone 3G S do not charge when the Solar Panel System is in FULL direct SUNLIGHT. If this happens, try moving the Solar Panel System to an area where there is both sun and shade. In our testing by doing this we found that having the Solar Panel System in 75% Sunlight and 25% Shade the iPhone 3G S went into full charge mode. NOTE: We ONLY noticed this on the iPhone 3G S and not the iPhone 3G. The iPhone 3G goes right into Full Charge mode when the Solar Panel System is in Full Direct Sunlight.

DO NOT USE YOUR SOLAR PANEL SYSTEM IN THE RAIN IT WILL DAMAGE YOUR SOLAR PANEL SYSTEM. If it starts to rain or your Solar Panel System gets wet pick it up immediately and wipe it dry.

DO NOT Step on, Drop or Place Heavy objects or Bend your Solar Panel because this will damage your system and it will stop working.

ONLY use the components that come with this system. Using other components may cause damage to your Solar Panel System and your devices.


Your Solar Panel System will work in both Full Sun and Shade but will charge mush faster in Full Sun
Your Solar Panel System Panels will last 20 to 30 years under proper care
Your Nimh rechargeable battery will be good for 400 to 500 charges
Your Solar Panel System DOES NOT need to be outdoors you can place your Solar Panel System indoors by a window where sunlight is coming through
To clean your Solar Panels ONLY use water on a slightly damp soft cloth. Wipe the panels with the damp cloth to remove any dust and dirt and then take a dry cloth to remove any wet spots.

Thank you for purchasing this Solar Panel System and we know you will enjoy and utilize the full potential and remember the more you use this system the more MONEY YOU WILL BE SAVING. If you have any questions please call us Toll FREE 866-435-9473.



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