Where To Buy El Wire Of Your Need? Important Considerations

Where To Buy El Wire Of Your Need? Important Considerations

Electroluminescent wire (EL) is a wire that produces light through Electroluminescent when an alternating current is passed through it. It produces a 360-degree unbroken line of visible light. Because of its thin diameter is flexible and is ideal to be used in a variety of applications. 

What is El Wire Made of?

It is made of is a thin copper wire coated in a phosphor. It has 5 layers of Outer Insulation Layer, Inner Insulation Layer, Inner conductor, Outer Conductor, and Semi-conducting layers. It is used in various decorations, lightings, toys, etc.

The question mostly rises, that from where to buy EL Wire? So, the answer is, It can be bought from Retailers, whole seller’s Alibaba (electronic components), Kerune Phosphor Technology Co, Ltd, OLX, ELLUMIGLOW, etc.    

It uses low power and high frequency to root the wire for illumination. Most EL wire drivers simply light up one strand of EL wire in a constant-on mode, and some drivers may additionally have a blink or strobe mode. A sound-activated driver will light EL wire in synchronization to music, speech, or another ambient sound, but an EL wire sequencer will allow multiple lengths of EL wire to be flashed in the desired sequence. Even the longer length of wire can also be available in the same color or a variety of colors. The phosphor emits a specific color, and the plastic outer coating is colored to further filter the output color.

How do You use EL wire?

The EL wire is used popularly in the several attractive projects that need glow like in the decor of the bicycle, either in the Pop Costumes or in the toys. The EL wire costumes are very popular in the pop shows to give glowing look to the costumes or to give look to the zone. They are available in different colors and are flexible in material, available in the market. EI wire costumes are very popular to give a fancy poppy look to the jackets or costumes. It is specially used in Christmas stores. It can be arranged in a new shape by arranging the strands of EL wire into various shapes different from the previous one. By giving little change in the sequence the designs and looks of animations that can be changed to give diversified look on kimonos, purses, neckties, and motorcycle tanks. It is also renowned among artists, dancers, maker culture and similar creative communities, such as exhibited in the annual Burning man alt-culture festival.

Its price also depends on the length and brightness required. The short length wires are mostly cheap but the lengths which exceed 3m can cost dearly. But buying in a bulk and to use it in a way which you want yourself is an economical way out. But it is available in different thicknesses, from 1.2mm to 5mm.

The smallest thicknesses are quite thin indeed, perhaps too thin to be very useful at theatrical distances except in certain special cases. 


EL Wire is a great technological product that is flexible easy to shape in the desired design and thin enough to be easily installed anywhere. The small inverter is required in it and does not need much power. It is safe to use even on costumes to give them an animated look because it does not get hot but careful attention is required to make patterns on the costume. The only limitation of it is, its output is limited and cannot be used in the replacement of backstage lights. But is still suitable for the number of light projects by powering with the number of batteries.

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  • Brian

    Id like to add some high out put so wire to various places on my motor cycle. Outline the front and rear fender, gas tank , and parts of the frame. 3 foot sections maybe 12 foot in total for the frame. Obviously i’d like to power the wire from the battery and step down the voltage. And I’ll probably have to cut and solder the end wire in order to get the correct lengths i need. What would be the best option for stepping down the voltage and will I need multiple units or can I get one large enough to handle all the various sections

    September 29, 2021 at 10:45 pm



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